I had been struggling with a rib that was out of place for 2 weeks. I went to the chiro, I got a deep tissue massage, and I had acupuncture. Alfredo was able to focus on my rib and the contributing muscles and by the next day I had so much relief. Every massage is catered to my needs and after each massage I feel so rejuvenated.
— Emily Madden
I have been a client of Alfredo’s for 2 years. Alfredo is well educated in athletic engineering and process of how we use our muscles. He always listens to my needs, and is able to work on problem areas without causing me pain. I have seen amazing results from Alfredo’s work, and will continue using him as my masseus as long as I am in the DFW area. He is flexible with my busy schedule and is very professional.
— Sophie S., Dallas, TX

How to describe something that is truly amazing… from the moment Alfredo arrives he is nice, friendly and very attentive to your need…

Not only does he create this environment, and assess your individual needs, he knows what treatments are appropriate for your reason of visit and is very flexible with treatment options.

I have found Alfredo to be very genuine, professional and refreshing as he listens to your needs, treats you as a person, he never rushes you and gives good advice in looking after your body after your massage.

He even follows up with you the next day to make sure your feeling amazing. I genuinely look forward to my sessions and would highly recommend Alfredo.
— Lisa A., Dallas, TX

If you’re looking for the BEST massage therapist, Alfredo is the one for you. He takes the time to get to know you, assessing your specific needs and body areas of concern. He’s skilled at every depth of pressure and stretching technique. I require moderate to deep pressure to get at my chronic muscular and fascia issues. His style and technique is absolutely incredible and feel great after each session. Most recently, he’s helped relieve and resolve my lumbar back pain and nagging hip tightness. He’s great! You won’t be disappointed.
— Casey Branstetter

Alfredo is great! I always feel so much better after my massages, and I am very comfortable with having him in my home to work on me. It’s really nice not to have to fight traffic to make it to and from an appointment, so you are free to continue relaxing even after the massage is over.
— Stacie Cleland

I travel frequently for work and have always had a hard time finding the right person to work on my upper back, left shoulder and my scar tissue. He always took his time, and seemed to be able to read my muscles. I have had bilateral mastectomy as well as some muscle/nerve damage after radiation treatments. Alfredo always left with my knots gone, and after a while my scar tissue softened giving me better range of motion.
He offers the best messages! He really does care and works to learn your particular situation.
— Mary M., Dallas, TX

Alfredo is a miracle worker! I first met him when my job planned a spa day for our sales team. I have always chosen a woman to massage me but he made me feel so at ease. He is so nice and professional and really listened to all the details about my aches and pains. Alfredo mentioned he also did house calls. This was music to my ears, I have been using Alfredo’s services since then. He brings his own equipment and is always on time. Thanks to Alfredo I have seen the improvement after each session and it is simply phenomenal.


— Daisy E., Dallas, TX

I suffered a back injury years ago and I workout at least four times a week. Alfredo has helped me stay well physically and offers professional tips on how to keep my body in shape to continue my workout regimen. I highly recommend Alfredo, especially to my friends at the gym.
— Gerardo C., Dallas, TX

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